Did you know that most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe? Yet still, clearing out or re-discovering the remaining 80%, feels like a daunting experience.

During your wardrobe audit I will:

Come to your home and go through your wardrobe.

Amongst those unloved and unworn items, I promise to find clothes that suit you and that we can breathe new life into.

Together, we can eliminate those unflattering impulse buys and old favourites that just don’t fit anymore.

I will also find the holes in your wardrobe and work out the key items you need to update, refresh and restyle your wardrobe so that you feel fabulous.

‘my wardrobe audit was amazing. I had loads of tops in my cupboard which I no longer wore, and by simply introducing a new pair of trousers and shoes (of a type I wouldn’t have normally considered), I am now able to wear them all again. I feel like you’ve given me a whole new wardrobe and best of all, I only had to buy two items!”

I have always felt ‘uncomfortable’ in my clothes, not knowing what to wear and what to pair with things. But, seeing how easy and supportive Georgina was with my wife, I decided to go through the process as well. Georgina made me feel extremely comfortable by appreciating my existing clothes and previous choices during my wardrobe audit. She understood what my desired look was and then selected the best places to find new pieces of clothing that would fit with my current wardrobe and I experimented with new choices. She did this whilst building rapport and being really supportive. I now feel great about my wardrobe. I feel like my clothes are an extension of who I am whilst enhancing my look. I also love how my wife looks at me and compliments me! I would recommend Georgina to anyone who needs help with their wardrobe.